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We offer a wide range of investment possibilities

The cardinal rule at KLS/Manulife Securities Incorported is “planning comes first.” Once we know where you want to go, we can decide what investment options to offer you.

Investments can be short or long-term and when managing your investments, we take into account your current financial position, future dreams and how much risk you are comfortable with.

When we help create your investment portfolio, we offer many different investment options and evaluate your investment plan with you on a frequent basis. Below we describe some of the key investment products and services we offer through Manulife Securities Incorporated.

A well-balanced portfolio of stocks is essential for you to build your wealth while limiting risk. At KLS/Manulife Securities Incorporated, we are able to offer you the full spectrum of stocks – from Canadian stocks equities to emerging market equities – always ensuring your selections are in sync with your financial plan and your risk tolerance.

Offering a safe return, bonds are an important investment option to consider. When you purchase a bond, the bond issuer pays you interest for a specific time period. When the bond matures, you are repaid your principal investment. We will guide you in selecting the best bonds for you.

Mutual Funds
KLS/ Manulife Securities Incorporated provides you with a wide range of mutual funds to meet your needs. Working closely with an advisor, we will help you select from a broad spectrum of funds.

Segregated Funds
When you’re investing, it’s nice to have options that provide the potential for a nice return, while at the same time, some protection of your initial investment. That’s what Segregated Funds offer. Segregated funds are an investment product that provides insurance protection. They can invest in different types of assets, like mutual funds, bonds, real estate and stocks.

Segregated funds provide a guarantee for you to get back some or your entire principal, at maturity. To do so, you need to hold the funds for a specific amount of time. Segregated funds also offer creditor protection and you can minimize probate taxes through beneficiary or beneficiaries you designate.

GIC’s offer you a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period of time and are usually issued by trust companies or banks. GICs are protected up to $100,000 by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Guaranteed Interest Annuities (GIAs) are similar to GIC’s as they offer a fixed rate of return, but they are sold as life insurance contracts. GIAs are also protected up to $100,000 by Assuris.

By making a single lump-sum investment, an annuity can ensure you receive a stable stream of income for life, or for a specific time period. An annuity can guarantee you income for your entire life, providing you with some peace of mind. With an annuity, you don’ have to worry about market ups and downs impacting your retirement savings.

Several payment guarantee options are available to ensure the income continues to your spouse or other designated beneficiaries, if you pass away prematurely. These options can guarantee a minimum amount is paid out of the annuity, no matter what happens to you. You can also choose to index your annuity income, to help guard against inflation. In addition, non-registered annuities can offer significant tax advantages.

Banking and Mortgages
One of the cornerstones of financial planning is cashflow management. Understanding your cashflow position, establishing savings rates and paying down debt are some examples of the key aspects of managing cashflow. There are several products that can be utilized to support your financial life in this area including mortgages, savings accounts and credit lines to name a few. While we are not licensed to sell mortgage and other banking products we have access to these products through some of our referral partners including Manulife Bank.


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