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We believe in putting people before profit

Providing you insights, knowledge, and expertise can be communicated many ways. For some of our clients, it involves and email or phone exchange. For others, they prefer to educate themselves and simply need a push in the right direction.

At Kudsia Leith Sanchez, we’ll always provide you links to publicly available information and resources. Beyond that, we’ll reach out to you every so often and invite you to read our resources. Beyond that, we’ll reach out to you every so often and invite you to read our newsletter, or attend our webinars, or to join us at a local meet

Our resources are intended to help you be a better business person. Along the way, your feedback is requested to help us be a better service provider. Like we always say – we’re here for your success. It’s a partnership.

Revenue Canada
Information about charitable giving, child and family benefits and business info such as payroll and taxes.

Manulife Securities
Information is essential to wise investing. There are also steps that you can take to educate yourself to become a wise investor and avoid potential pitfalls. Find out more here.

Solutions for Financial Planning – Spring 2019
Manulife Investments discusses a variety of relevant topics. In this edition, read stories.

Matters of Fact
A collection of timely tidbits, fun facts and clever conversation starters.

TAX CORNER – Tax slip surprise
The value of my investment is lower – so why do I have a tax bill? Find out more here.

LIFESTYLES – How a clean kitchen supports good health
Keep illness-causing germs at bay with these simple tips.  Find out more here.


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