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Articles & Insights

The Importance of Tracking Expenses Thumbnail

The Importance of Tracking Expenses

One of the main factors in a financial analysis and subsequent forecasts is expense levels. Successful sustainability of net worth to age 100 is achievable when expenses are covered by cashflows over the entire period - if you are not in tune with your monthly expenses, even having a discrepancy of $500/month could be detrimental to one’s financial success when it is projected over for 40+ years.

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3 ways to protect your retirement from inflation Thumbnail

3 ways to protect your retirement from inflation

Everyone has some sort of dream retirement mapped out in their minds – if not on paper – whether it’s wintering in warmer climates, playing endless golf or travelling the world. But after a period of higher inflation, uneasy markets and higher interest rates, some are wondering if they will have to scale back their plans.

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Dollar-cost averaging - Tapping into the power of this steady investment strategy. Thumbnail

Dollar-cost averaging - Tapping into the power of this steady investment strategy.

After paying rent or the mortgage, buying groceries, putting gas in the car and covering a variety of other monthly expenses, it might feel as if there’s little money left to think of investing for the long term. Thanks to higher-than-normal inflation, Canadians are under increasing financial pressure. In a recent Manulife Bank survey, 79 per cent of respondents felt worried about their ability to save for retirement.

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Retirement dreams – financial reality Thumbnail

Retirement dreams – financial reality

The freedom to enjoy life on your own terms, with plenty of time (and money) to travel, focus on your hobbies or do whatever your heart desires may come to mind first when you think of retirement. But funding this milestone stage of life takes planning, discipline and perseverance – and the sooner you start, the better.

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Where do we go from here? Thumbnail

Where do we go from here?

Today in the middle of May as I write, the S&P500 sits just north of 4,100. It has been used as a good gauge of market value and direction, it is basically a measure of the performance of 500 of the most successful American public companies. For perspective on where the market sits today, at the end of 2019 the S&P traded around 3,200. That was 3 months prior to the Covid crash in March of 2020.

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Making wise investment choices in uncertain times Thumbnail

Making wise investment choices in uncertain times

The first quarter (Q1) of 2023 was a rollercoaster ride for investors. Market volatility unfolded following U.S. and European banking turmoil, and interest rates and inflation climbed—evoking investor fears about financial stability.

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Retirement Income Planning Thumbnail

Retirement Income Planning

After saving for countless years to build up a sizeable retirement fund, you are left with more questions than when you started. Do you start withdrawing from your RRIF in hopes of reducing your minimum withdrawals? What about your non-registered investments that are generating a possible tax liability each year? There are many different options for withdrawing your retirement income which can be correct depending on several variables.

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Duration calculation: Three-minute macro* Thumbnail

Duration calculation: Three-minute macro*

[Manulife Investment Management] Managing duration risk is important for all portfolios, so we modeled duration risk in equities. We also shed some light on what tech layoffs mean (or don’t mean) for the wider economy. Finally, we explain why the Bank of Canada’s aggressive monetary tightening relative to its peers may not be enough to prevent a recession.

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2023 tax rate card for Canada* Thumbnail

2023 tax rate card for Canada*

[Manulife Investment Management] The latest 2023 tax rate card puts the most up-to-date marginal tax rates and tax brackets by taxable income source, non-refundable tax credits, and much more all in one place. This reference card is designed to help you and your clients with tax planning for the 2023 calendar year.

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